Time Travel Teacher

Time Travel Teacher

City Escape Games
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Your college Professor has gone missing and a groundbreaking piece of new technology is under threat. 

Can you save the Professor and all of humanity! 


What: An adventure solving cryptic puzzles across key city sights 
When: Anytime during daylight hours 
Duration: 90 minutes average (no time limit)
Cost: £24.99 per team
Starts from: Corpus Clock, Cambridge;

What do I need:

Access to one fully charged smartphone (Android or iOS compatible)
A team of detectives (at least 2 but up to 4 players per team)
90 minutes to solve the puzzles and win the game!

City Escape Games are entirely self-guided and unfold virtually via downloadable app - Roamr. You can use up to six phones per team with directions provided to each location and hints available to help your investigation on all the clues. 

Players are free to compete for best time or complete the game at their leisure. 

Current circumstances:

Please note as a self-guided game, it is the users responsibility to adhere to the latest Government advice, laws and regulations regarding the current pandemic.

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