Current circumstances:

Please note as a self-guided game, it is the users responsibility to adhere to the latest Government advice, laws and regulations regarding the current pandemic. 

How will I know what to do?

We’ll send you full instructions in your confirmation email. Please see these pages with helpful steps on how to l use our app - Roamr:

How to use our app

Do I need a smartphone?

Yes, all our games require a smartphone and we recommend that they’re fully charged.

When can we play?

All of our adventures are self-guided and can be played on any day and time you choose. We recommend playing during daylight hours for all our games and some games have sections only open during certain hours so must be played during those hours. Check the individual game pages for the exact times each are available.

How many people in a team?

You can book for as many people as you’d like. We suggest 2 - 4  players per team, if you are more then enter two separate bookings and take each other on!

Do I need mobile data?

Yes, a data connection is required during the game to submit answers and load your directions. The downloaded content is typically around 65 MB.

How many people can play along at once?

We currently support 6 devices per live game but you can have as many people on a team you like by sharing the phone. We find that the experience is best with around 2-4 players so if you have more than this it’s often best to break up into multiple teams.

Is it suitable for children?

The puzzles are aimed at adults and so might not be suited to younger children. The content is not unsuitable for children so as long as a responsible adult is present children could accompany the players. Please bear in mind the distance that the routes cover, which is stated on the information page.

Is it accessible?

We aim to keep our routes accessible but if you have any concerns then please get in touch and we’ll share a games route with you so you can see if the route is okay for you.

Do I need a note pad and pen?

We have designed our games so that taking notes is not essential. However if you feel like you would benefit from taking notes to help remember some details (some puzzles have two or more steps) please do bring along a notepad and pen or another mobile device to take notes.