Magic of the Spires

Magic of the Spires

City Escape Games
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You have received a mysterious message from an unknown sender. The message says:

'Greetings kind and clever strangers. We must tell you that a dark magic threatens the city of Oxford. The vibrant history of Oxford is what makes it such a magical place but now this new magic is rewriting that history. We cannot allow the past to be disturbed in such a way and we need your help to stop this dangerous spell. We can only reveal more to you once you accept this challenge. Please help preserve the magic of Oxford.'

At first you are skeptical but at the very least the message offers you a challenging mystery. Your curiosity piqued, you travel to Oxford ready to use your puzzle-solving skills to find out more. 


What: An adventure solving cryptic puzzles across key city sights 
When: Anytime during daylight hours 
Duration: 60 - 90 minutes average (no time limit)
Starts from: Faculty of History, OX12BE

What do I need:

Access to one fully charged smartphone (Android or iOS compatible)
A team of detectives (at least 2 but up to 4 players per team)
60 - 90 minutes to solve the puzzles and win the game!

City Escape Games are entirely self-guided and unfold virtually via our web-app. You can use up to six phones per team with directions provided to each location and hints available to help your investigation on all the clues. 

Players are free to compete for best time or complete the game at their leisure. Most players complete the game in around 60 - 90 minutes.