A Trail of Evidence - Norwich

A Trail of Evidence - Norwich

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You have been working on the case to solve the murder of Penny Wealthridden, a prominent socialite of Norwich City.

For many long and sleepless hours you have worked and are close to solving the case. Now only the last piece of the puzzle remains - The Murder Weapon!

Your job now is to solve the puzzles before you and catch the killer!

What: An outdoor or Indoor adventure, solving cryptic puzzles. during daylight hours
Duration: 70 – 90 minutes average (no time limit)
Starts from: Castle St, Norwich NR2 1PB or Your sofa!
Difficulty: Easy

What do I need:
Access a fully charged smartphone (Android or iOS compatible)
A team of enthusiastic detectives (1 to 6 players per team)
Around 70-90 minutes to solve the puzzles and win the game! You might solve this game quicker if you are playing at home!

Games are entirely self-guided and unfold virtually via the Roamr mobile app, telling a thrilling story and exploring the city as you go. You can use up to 4 phones per team, with directions provided to each location and clues to help you solve all the puzzles. Don't worry, you can't get stuck, there are hints that will always help you out if you need them.

Players are free to compete for the best time or complete the game at their leisure. Most players complete the game in around 70 – 90 minutes. If at home and you care not walking to each location you can complete this game in roughly 30-50 minutes. 

Current circumstances:
Please note as a self-guided game, it is the users' responsibility to adhere to the latest Government advice, laws, and regulations regarding the current pandemic